A Sunflower Farm Wedding at Sang Hill

Seneca + Matt

Oh where do I even begin…how about with the fact that Jake and I both love this couple and wish we could replay their wedding every weekend? But seriously, these two are going to be living life like a fairytale because their relationship is just the cutest. These two adore each other. They share sweet smiles from across the room when their eyes meet.They are a power couple. Inspiring others around them by their example of selflessness and joy. From the tender hugs of loving parents, to the endless twirls and laughter on the dance floor, Matt and Seneca had a wedding that will always stay in our hearts.

Matt and Seneca thank you! Thank you for letting us share this beautiful day with you two! We wish you nothing but the best forever and ever! 

Thank you to the wonderful vendors who made their day BEAUTIFUL!

Dress: Sorelle's // Bridesmaid Dresses: Sorelle's // Florist: Green Acres Flower Basket // Venue: Sang Hill Farm // DJ: Dusty Lambert // MUA: Madison Cunningham // Hair Stylist: Nikki Papayanopalus // Videographer: Natalie Mascaro // Cake: Olivia Moran // Catering: Goehringer's // Groomsmen Attire: Daniel's // Invitation Suite: Kenzie Wright